Creation and redesign of websites

site commerce

E-commerce website

To create an e-commerce site, you need to analyze the competition.

Company blog

A blog improves a company's visibility on the web.

site corporate

Corporate website

A corporate site enhances a company's brand image.

landing page

Landing pages

The purpose of a landing page is conversion.

Natural referencing of a website

SEO is a method of attracting visitors to a website such as Travel Avenue. To improve the organic referencing, it is recommended to make an audit. The natural referencing allowed it to boost the number of visitors.

Paid search and google Adwords

Working on paid search engine optimisation (SEA) allows you to generate B2B leads. SEA is a way to reach the first page of search engines by paying for the location. The advantage of Google Ads is that it allows you to reach the right people at the right time. By choosing paid search, you get immediate results.

An SEO agency that supports you

An SEO agency assists its clients in the various stages of their digital transformation.

web agency

Improving the “alt” and “title” tags of images

web agency

Optimise the quality of your backlinks and internal links

web agency

Structure your pages and optimise your tags

Passionate about finding concrete web solutions

Animation solution

One of the missions of a developer is to work on the digital strategy.

Customised web design

To achieve a custom web design, digital communication agencies create the design of the site taking into account the objectives and brand image of its customers.


Logo creation

Collection of icons

Collection of icons

Image bank

Image bank

Cliparts and Illustrations

Site templates

Video design

Video design

User experience

A user experience includes all aspects that optimise the experience of a web user visiting a web platform. There are several techniques to optimise the UX of a website.

User experience

The main strategies of digital marketing

Opt for an email marketing strategy

Opt for an email marketing strategy

Thanks to a tool capable of setting up an email marketing strategy, it is now easier to build a good email campaign.

Content on social networks

on social networks

When creating a content strategy on social networks, you need to research your competitors, optimise your brand identity…

Adopt mobile e-communication

Adopt mobile e-communication

To improve your online shop sales, you need to promote a quality user experience. Also work on the mobile experience.

Lead nurturing: turn your prospects into qualified leads

The technique for turning prospects into qualified leads is to send tailored content to your prospects.

In this way, you will maintain or strengthen your relationships. Lead nurturing converts customers into leads.

Storytelling: an effective marketing trick!

Storytelling is effective in a content marketing strategy. This communication tool can be used for character branding. It is a personal marketing tool that can attract a person’s attention. Storytelling can also be used in a conference, a board presentation, a website, an article or a start-up pitch.